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The Alba Rosa Ultra 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

We have designed this event to give people a taste for unsupported, long distance riding and Ultra racing. You will cover around 700km during this self-supported ride around the North of England. The event starts Adel (Leeds) at 9PM on Friday 30th April 2021. How long it will take depends on you...

Solo entrants and pairs are allowed, and you must be a member of Alba Rosa Cycling Club.

The event will follow typical Ultra event rules established in the Transcontinental Race by the late Mike Hall. This means that no support should be offered or received. You are welcome to use any commercially available service such as shops, cafes, hotels and bike shops. No accommodation should be pre-booked.

"If you get lost, you must get un-lost"

There will be a number of checkpoints issued. Part of the challenge will be to devise your own route to include the checkpoints in the most efficient way. There will be a small number of banned roads which we deem dangerous and should not be used in your planning. Evidence of visiting checkpoints must be supplied by each rider using a time-stamped photograph to be posted on Instagram with the event hashtag #AlbaUltra. Checkpoints will not be staffed and you should assume that the checkpoints do not offer any services.

Further details will be posted during the Christmas break


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