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Government roadmap and BC guidance for cycling clubs

Hi all,

With Monday’s changes to the UK Covid-19 restrictions and in line with BC guidance for cycling clubs, we have a small update but largely the situation remains the same.

What’s staying the same?

- ALL club rides will still require ‘track and trace’ so I’m afraid we still aren’t open for non-member trial rides at the moment and hope to offer this again when restrictions allow.

- We can provide more info on ride speeds etc. but you can still sign up for membership on the BC website if you're happy not to try a ride first.

- As we did pre-covid, we continue to cap our club rides to ensure we remain safe on the road and work in peaceful harmony with other road users.

What is changing?

- Nothing too substantial but cafes will be open for indoor seating which is welcome news given the strange weather we’ve been having of late and permitted numbers outdoor will also increase.

More information relating to club cycling in the UK is available on the BC website -

If you have any questions, please comments below or email


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