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Over the spring and summer months, ARCC runs a Tuesday evening Chaingang on an out and back route between Bramhope and Addingham. This will be a fast-paced ride, aimed at improving race strength and skills.



What is a Chaingang?

A staple of race training, a Chaingang (or paceline, if it’s a single line of riders) is when a group of cyclists work together to hold a much higher pace than they could do individually. It requires good handling and awareness, as well as a reasonable level of fitness. The riders will rotate on the front of the group, sharing the workload, and benefitting equally from the draft. This means riding in close proximity, often at high speed…as such, communication between riders and good bike handling is key for a safe experience. It’s a technique you often see the pro’s using in Team Time Trials, during breakaways, or when a team is chasing down a break.

Group Etiquette

The key to a safe, fast chaingang is good discipline, observation and communication.


  • Never overlap your front wheel to the rider in fronts rear wheel

  • Never weave or drift

  • Never suddenly slow down or stop

  • Always sign potholes, road debris, parked cars, overtaking cyclist, junctions etc clearly (hand signals and verbal calls)

  • Always ride smoothly, and don’t surge or attack

  • Maximum group size of 8-10



It should also be pointed out that you should be on a mechanically sound road bike. TT bikes are not to be used.


We will endeavour to nominate a leader for each group, and if you are considered to be riding un-safely you will be politely warned. Continued dangerous riding will result in you being asked to leave the group, for the safety of other riders. We’ll also aim to improve your group-riding skills, advising on positioning, cornering and hand signals.



Chaingangs are a drop-ride. They are NOT a race, however, they will be fast. If you are dropped from the Chaingang or have a mechanical, then you have the option of waiting for the next group, or turnaround and join back with the group on the return leg. Depending on attendance we will be running multiple groups (aiming for a maximum of 8 riders per group) at differing paces. For reference, a faster group will average 40-42km/h, depending on conditions.

The ARCC Chaingang

We meet at Adel War Memorial on Church lane and then head out towards Bramhope on the A660 (Otley Road), the route ( then head down the Chevin and out to Addingham before turning around and heading back towards Leeds. 

There are a number of Roundabouts and Traffic lights along the route, and riders should take care at all junctions.

The route will be ridden as a group with an opportunity to have an effort up the Chevin regrouping at Dynley Arms. There is also a finish sprint finishing at the pedestrian crossing at Lawnswood (ONLY IF SAFE).



You may need lights on the way home, and you should also bring your normal repair kit (inner tubes, pump etc) in case you have a mechanical.

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